Monday, November 22, 2010

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Over Rated?

Jerry says he is overrated, but not in a mean way. Ultimately, with the success of his father, the bar was raised incredibly high for Junior and many would agree with Jerry that he has not achieved as much as many might expect of the Most Popular Driver in NASCAR'... and Dennis Michelson and Lori Munro from Race Talk Radio are debating it with Jerry as we speak... What's YOUR opinion!?

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NASCAR Racing Debate: In YOUR Mind, Who's The Champion!?

Well, here we have it... The Chase for the Sprint Cup is OVER and Jimmie Johnson has been crowned the champion for the 5th straight year.

BUT... Regardless of what the Record Books will say, let's debate what the FANS Say... In YOUR MIND, who's the REAL Champion of the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season?


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